SND_Adenauer Haas

Sonice Development invents and builds kinetic installations. Haas and Adenauer work on a coherent beauty of imperfection, by linking both worlds – the digital and the material. They create programs and rules which realize themselves in evolving systems. These kinetic animations are focussed on their “being“ and behavior. The currently visible is always the coming alive of systemic rules. The works of Haas and Adenauer have a relationship to the architectural environment. Often they are specifically made for the sheer location to affect the people they come into contact with.

Most of their works derive from research, observation and their desire to discover and understand.


Current and past collaborators: Benjamin Cerigo, Harald Christ, The Constitute, Martin Fussenegger, Jayson Haebich, Achim Meyer, Martin Welsch


Webdesign by Raby‐Florence Fofana


Studio: +49 (0) 30 48814483
contact at sonicedevelopment.com

Sonice Development GmbH
Glogauer Str. 21, Remise
10999 Berlin


A Touch of Code – Interactive Installations and Experiences, Editors: R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, V. Hanschke, Gestalten Verlag, 2011

Muralismo Morte – The rebirth of Muralism in contemporary Urban Art, Jens Besser, From Here To Fame Publishings,2010

Der Welt über die Straße helfen, Peter Sloterdijk und Sven Völker, Wilhelm Fink Verlag München, February 2010

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