Asalto #5

Since 2005 Asalto is an annual urban art festival in Saragossa, Spain. In July 2010 we performed twice at  5°Asalto. Coming together and working with graffiti- and wallpainting artists from all over europe was a joyfull experience for us, mostly learning about the different attitudes that create their art from. In Calle de la libertad, ROA (Gante) came up with a marvellous x-rayed squirrel. 100 Pression (Nantes) enriched the city with their Riot Kids Shop at calle Manifestación. (photo credits: brazo de hierro).  Boa Mistura (Madrid) bought all gold spray cans in Zaragoza. We observed people stopping and giving spontanious applause for their painting “Technologia Omnipotens Regnat” close to the cathedrale. Laguna (Ciudad Real) and Skount (Barcelona) painted an impressive mural at la plaza Ecce Homo. Our Stone Signum also at la plaza Ecce Homo (4m x 4m) consists of 2000 dots and it was shot live on the evening of the 17th of July 2010. Within one festival-week the city of Saragossa gained plenty of artworks worth to see, and the collection grows each year with another Asalto.

Zaragoza , 2010

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