Facadeprinter Prototype

The concept of a distance-printer was invented in December 2004 by Michael Haas and Martin Fussenegger. Both were studying productdesign at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design at the time. In lessons on architecture and communications by James Irvine they decided to realize a first prototype. This facadeprinter prototype proofed the potential of such a communication tool, but it was an instable and hard to control device then. After having protected property rights the prototype was first presented to the public in 2006. The project gained wide recognition in the fields of urban art and design, tech-innovation and entrepreneurship.
It won several awards:
09/2006 Design award of Commerzbank Cologne, 2nd prize
02/2007 RoboForum, Japan Design Foundation, Osaka, Excellent Work
12/2007 Young Innovators Programm of the  Ministery of Science, Research and Art, State of Baden Würtemberg
09/2008 Multimedia Founders Competition, Ministery of Economy and Technology Germany, 1st prize

These rewards were essential to realize the elaborate version of the Facadeprinter in 2009.

Machine: Facadeprinter

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