The Facadeprinter uses paintballs to draw huge images onto walls. Dot by dot, it thus creates mural artworks. The Facadeprinter is a large-scale communication tool, an ink-dot printer in architectural dimensions – and the first distance-printer in the world.
The machine is integrated into a case that can be folded for transport. The printer is supplied with compressed air (scuba tank) and off-the-shelf paintballs. The integrated computer reads graphics from USB drives and can correct perspective and ballistic distortion. Via touchpad interface the digital artworks can be adapted to the architectural situation. Thus size, position and dot-density can be adjusted on-site.

Material: Paintball marker, aluminum, motors & gears, embedded computer, custom software

Machine: Facadeprinter

Kategorien: Machine

Sonice_Facadeprinter_C_fmt Facadeprinter_FP2_02_fmt Sonice_Facadeprinter_T_fmt Sonice_TheWild_1_fmt