Kotti Magic

There is no place  in Berlin where the city is more dense than at Kottbusser Tor. Full of life and contrasts. This atmosphere is a unique soil for sparkling culture. Here the begging hand and the ‘Hand of the Creator’ become equal.

Berlin , 2010

Size: 10m x 8m
Material: Starchpaint on wall

Machine: Facadeprinter

Kategorien: Work

Sonice_KottiMagic_9_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_7_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_8_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_4_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_5_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_6_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_2_fmt Sonice_KottiMagic_10_fmt