Sensing Colorspace

Sensing Colorspace is an interactive robotic installation documenting the acoustic events of its surrounding. It is installed at the 10th floor bar of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. The noises of the hotelbar are affecting and driving the lines. The roaring sounds of the espresso-machine, ice being crushed, heels on the floor– altogether they form the colorspace. Visitors call the device actively by clapping and thereby influence the robots route. They record their interaction and inscribe their presence to the wall. Events and lines overlay continuously and modulate the appearance of the colorspace.

Berlin , 2014

size: 4,5x 3,8 meters
materials: waterbased acrylic paint & protocol, custom mechatronic system & custom software
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
Photos by Phillip Zwanzig. All copyrights reserved.

Machine: Vertwalker

Kategorien: Commissioned Work und Work

SONICE_SensingColorspace_3 SONICE_SensingColorspace13a SONICE_SensingColorspace_7a SONICE_SensingColorspace_1 SONICE_SensingColorspace_10 SONICE_SensingColorspace_11 SONICE_SensingColorspace_6a SONCIE_SensingColorspace_15