Three Stones

To learn about using the Facadeprinter for monochrome shading, we worked on these geometric shapes. The density of dots are perceived as color values, so areas of high density for example appear as a darker shade. To prepare the digital artwork we took photographs of firestones from the island Rügen. After these we manually prepared the drawings, one mouse-click for each dot. The “three stones” were the result. Each of these forms measured 6 x 6 meters. The green square is made up of 3000 dots, printed in 26 minutes. The pink triangle 1800 dots in 15 minutes and the orange circle has 2000 shots applied in 18 minutes. The wall (30 meters) initially  was painted grey and then printed upon.

Berlin , 2009

Size: each 6m x 6m
Material: Waxpaint on wall

Machine: Facadeprinter

Kategorien: Work

Sonice_Three_Stones_4_fmt Sonice_Three_Stones_5_fmt Sonice_Three_Stones_3_fmt Sonice_ThreeStones_2_fmt