Rafael Nadal Portrait

The portrait of Rafael Nadal is a commissioned work for Nike Tennis. In June 2012, Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros tournament in Paris for the seventh time.  As an hommage to this new record, the Kennedys Amsterdam realized a livestreamed online event for fans to participate. During the match, fans were able to post their cheers and names.  These were written onto paintballs which we used to draw this portait, thus the fans became part of the artwork. The piece consists of six color-layers.

Nike, Amsterdam , 2012

Size: 6m x 6m
Material: Waxpaint on canvas

Machine: Facadeprinter

Kategorien: Commissioned Work

Sonice_VamosRafa_1_fmt Sonice_VamosRafa_5_fmt Sonice_VamosRafa_8_fmt Sonice_VamosRafa_9_fmt Sonice_VamosRafa_4_fmt