Imaginations of the future urban landscape is almost always inextricably linked to an idea of a different use of the vertical space. Pushing architecture away from today’s piled two-dimensionality towards a true spatial accessible structure: Bridges between buildings like in Metropolis, vertical streets in Minority Report and flying cars in Bladerunner (and everywhere else like 5th Element) – just to name a few. The use of the vertical stands for the future.

Taking over the vertical city space is also something supernatural. There is hardly any comic-superhero without the ability to get off the ground. Either with superpowers like Spiderman, Superman and the Silver Surfer or with the help of technical equipment like Batman, Ironman or the Green Goblin.


The Vertwalker is a machine that can move on vertical surfaces. It can crawl on interior walls, take a walk on buildings and explore the city in a way humans can’t.  Our “up” is its “forward”.

Carrying a marker, the Vertwalker becomes a painter. Exploring new territories in the vertical.


There have been two Vertwalker prototypes we used for the installation “Trial Record” at the Blooom Art Show in Cologne and at Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem. With all we learned from those experiences we put into the redesign of this new Vertwalker.


We are using the new Vertwalker for the installation “Emerging Colorspace” that is shown at the Saatchi Gallery London from July 31st to September 1st. It is part of the exhibition “Red Never Follows” supported by HUGO.

Materials: PA casing, foam boards, motors, sensors, custom electronics, custom software
Idea and initial design: Achim Meyer

Categories: Machine

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